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The worst advice we ever heard as Writers

If you heard it before, then you most probably groan or eye-roll at the thought of these types of advice.

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Just Write!

Facepalm! Well duh? I am writing right now, okay so it is to make a blog post, but come on! There has got to be a better motivation than this! I like the ones where they suggest a target of say, write 250 words a day. No matter how busy I am, I gotta bust out those 250 words. 

Why write if you are not making money? You should think about paying rent first.

Eek! Ever had a parent or a close person to you say this? No, just me?! Let’s be serious, cause it was tempting to go freelance when you happy dance that you completed your first manuscript. But that’s not how the real world works. Most writers tend to go full-time or self-employed when they at least write, publish and sell their sixth books on average. And I am not saying, sold six books of one manuscript. Has this got you thinking about whether you want to do this or not? Don’t worry, Just Write!

See what I mean? I even facepalm on that last sentence of that paragraph.

In other words, keep the day job till you can safely make rent at the end of the month. If you feel like you cannot bust out a manuscript with your busy life, then you gotta build yourself a timetable or routine to do something. 

Don’t edit before you complete your manuscript

Okay, so curiosity kills the cat. We know this. Yet as humans, we are curious creatures. And for someone like me. I can help but edit as I go along. These aren’t big moves, like cutting scenes or moving one whole chapter in the manuscript to somewhere else. So unless you have this idea that you can switch off the spelling check on your Word Doc, or whatever you write on; there is always a moment where you have edited. Even in your own head before you put it down onto paper. How many times have you said or resaid your sentence in your head before you were happy it made sense to you? That’s okay. When it comes to these moments, there’s no right or wrong answer. Unless you have a job as an editor or you are submitting your final draft of the manuscript to one, then yeah, you gotta make it right and make sense. 

My Home Office Space

Look away from the laptop screen to come up with ideas.

Ever seen the online presence of others say they look in the distance, thinking nostalgically or like a heroic writer with serious intense thought. I cannot help but laugh! My home office space is half the spare room, a chair, a desk, a lamp and my laptop. The other side? Is all the crap I hide for Zoom meetings! I could never look off into the horizon with an intense look, I would have to look down at my laptop and keep on writing. Why? Admittedly I am a coward of tidying and organising and a novice hoarder. The only time I dared to look away, is a reminder of office desk safety training. If you have worked in an office before, you probably had the same one, where HR says you must blink your eyes to not dry them out. The same goes for posture or chair setting and that lovely email from your building maintenance team to remind you of a tidy desk is a safe desk. If you never worked in an office, that kind of a thing we come across on a yearly basis. Look it up! No seriously, think about it. Even if you would laugh at the silliness of the training, however, it is better than having a bad back, tired eyes or sore wrist when your keyboard is not angle right.

Artist – Sharon Wheeler

So there you have, some of the worst advice I have seen, laughed at or eye-rolled. Some would say no advice is the worst advice. True, but my goodness don’t ever use these ones! Unless you want your audience to groan and eye-roll. If you know of any other worst advice, do share in the comments section. I hope you did giggle at some of my reasons, it’s nice to have a laugh in-between writing chapters. Now get back to it!

My Online Presence: web design with WordPress and Social Media

They advised that every writer needs a website. And granted, this may come before the actual first/debut book you’ll publish. So how have I done so far, and what have learnt?

First up is my experience in the past. Back at university, I learnt about web design and online social media platforms to increase my art portfolio. Guilty, I am an art major, not a literary or author bestseller major. It did teach me how to build up a website at least. And well…my art portfolio has been put on the shelf, for many reasons I won’t go into. So there is it, my previous experiences before this year on audience building as a writer.

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WordPress. Well, if you haven’t noticed it, this is on WordPress. I have used it before and spent a good six months building the page before launching to the world. My time was spent in designing, choice of colours (yeah I got new design after Graphic Designer friend feedback on the look) and of course, what the hell does someone put as a writer’s website?! That part would be what you can see on mine, have a click around with what I have added, categories and worked on as individuals pages. It’s a large subject to discuss so I may pin a future blog more specifically on my WordPress website.

Newsletters. Every website requires a Newsletter! Okay, so again whilst researching my Website Design, it also influenced my choice of signing up to create a Newsletter account. I went with MailerLite. Again, as this a part of my WordPress website building, I’ll have this added to a future blog post-to-do list!

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Next up! Twitter. This stuff was a pure accident to get going and flapping about on how to hashtag. I rushed my time out to set up my Twitter account. Connecting my writer’s Gmail account and website. All I can say is please research what hashtag you want to use and say. The downside for Twitter and dyslexic person, spelling error! They are just mean to not give me the right to edit a tweet I put out there! Still having a Twitter webpage to Plan a tweet through the schedule, that’s with a capital P to empathise the importance of Plan!

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Then there was the Facebook page. Eek! When I researched my website ideas, I knew I was gonna need one of these pages. But most I knew, and still do, is that writers already got their book out and published. I am still working on the community vibe here. So I won’t tell you how to be an expert here. I can safely say that I have built a Facebook page and there were not many complications to working the platform.

Instagram. This one out of the three was the easygoing platform for visual ideas, and building an online presence for me. That, and the fact my cats already have their own Instagram page. Yes, before you get confused. When coming up with a Writer’s Pen Name, I yelled my cats’ names together when they got crazy playing cat and mouse. Three days saying the name out loud, and it stuck! So I knew what I already was getting myself in for with my writer’s Instagram account, in demands for photos than posting text. And I worked my way around hashtags and following accounts. Now Facebook and Instagram are intertwined together, so I have discovered Creator Studio, so I can schedule not only my posts separately but linking both accounts together. Don’t ask me how I did, the tech-ie on connecting! That was a challenge for me if I am honest.

LinkTree. Ooohh, I love this concept! So many links and online presence, to make a list of them on Bio to get more people to see them. Yet this beauty! I thank the Twitter writers that I follow for giving me this knowledge, my LinkTree.

Finally, though doubt it’s my last social platform building. Pinterest. Simple, and the reason why I love it. I can create boards to build Visualisation. Both for myself as a writer and my aesthetics to my working novel. Let me explain. Most people are visual learners since leaving school…or still in school. Visualising a scene or character can bring them to life! As it is my most recent social media platform, again I cannot quote technical experts set up. Then again, I am not an expert in web design either.

I hoped you have enjoyed another reading in-between your own novel writing. I’ll add a comment section, share your thoughts on anything that you enjoy or dislike about these online platforms and presence to help each other out.

Where will my writing be one year from now?

Okay, so I tend to be on-and-off again on writing. The final push to actually get serious was when I told people. The many times where I hear positive responses on how well I verbally tell-a-tale, it got me thinking, ‘I got to write this down’. So what does this mean? Well, if anything, all those education courses I enrolled on, and even in my current day job consist of one important thing – Deadlines.

So where will my writing be in one year?

Well I shall like to think on a shelf somewhere, and not the kind where I put a pin in the idea, and switch off the writer persona inside me. This time, I want it on an actual shelf, maybe even my own bookshelf in my home. If I give myself the year to do it, I shall have enough time to conceive my partner, why, I do need to buy another bookcase! Anyone who reads this, can either be a starting bookworm, an intermediate bookworm or an expert bookworm in their collection of books and bookcases. And I am sure, till this very day, we still have to conceive the other half. And if you happen to be the loving partner of a bookworm, let them buy that damn bookcase!

In conclusion, let’s get that damn book of mine on a bookshelf!

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