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Razzle, Dazzle, Zazzle Merch!

Alright, so my Online Presence is not just socialising. I felt the need to build a brand up, so I went to Zazzle to make some Print-On-Demand products. And I loved them so much, that I made a Shop!

So what is Zazzle? Well it’s an online shop, that offers designers to print their designs onto a huge range of products. From Home Decor, Clothing range, Art Posters, Stationery, Electronics and more! As long as you got a good high resolution image, that fits to scale the product, you can do anything!

Now I went for the POD option, why? Cause I live in a Old Victorian Terrace House, that’s gorgeous but not much storage options. I would not fit a warehouse amount of products. Plus, testing products by purchasing them (maybe for prizes to competitions… maybe) I got the quality reassurance that these are beautiful made and printed my design well!


Okay so I went over board on the amount of products I went for my first design. But my main purpose for this shop is to use for Book Cover Posters, bookmarks and cool merchandise quotes of my amazing characters!

Alright class, we gonna have a break! Hit the Like button, Comments are open for any questions or suggestions, or help each other out! The next blog post on this journey will be posted soon, so keep an eye out!