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So you asked some FAQs on Advice for Writers. And Melody has answered them!

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How you do plan your stories?

I started over and over and got nowhere! Till I found Reedsy blog. I read the free online courses and articles, so I tried again. There is signed up to short courses with Open University which was a reliable resource for me. I followed the bullet point structure, but other writers are different. I am totally a Pantser Writer! The difference between a plotter and a pantser is huge. Cause in a way, I am going with the flow, but if I overwrite for one scene…I would have to re-edit and cut big amount. So do plan and structure your story!

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers/students?

Don’t give up! What have you got to lose?! Even I have failed and received rejections from publishing houses before. That’s okay! As I say and hear from other people I know, FAIL means First Attempt In Learning. Listen to feedback, what went wrong this time round that you can do better next time?

Hey Reader! Yes, you! Did you know something?

Melody has created a blog series on her writing journey! So you wanna know the details? Check on her first blog about how she started!

How long does it take you to edit a book?

Hmmm again a tricky one, depends how fully completed the story is. Also there’s so many options for different types of editing. There actual article on Reedsy Blog. Again this was the place I still searched for first advice.