About Melody, the writer

So you asked some FAQs on Melody. And here we are!

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Melody Parsifal – 2020

Why a pen name? Why not your legal name?

So most authors do have pen names. Melody Parsifal is actually my two cats! I know what you are thinking. But as I was thinking of this pen name, my cats Melly and Percy drove me crazy, demanding my attention, I said Melody Parsifal enough! No and! It had a nice ring to me. My pen name dedication to my fluffy babies will be their legacy.

Are you a feminist? 

In short, yes. If you disagree or not believe that, I will advice to look into feminism and how much a person can identify as a feminist without all be robotically identical. You have to understand that everyone is different and chosen their path is life. But you can still stand beside others for women rights and equality for all.