Long time, no blogging.

It is with deepest sorrow, that a wonderful companion in my writing has passed away. On 21st April, my laptop died! I experienced all my degrees, my college years, my first years in my career with this laptop since 2013. It broke my heart and fearful of loss of work. I am grateful I have a Geeky partner whose a wizard at technology! We got a hard drive, and we salvaged it all! New laptop/tablet choice is still undecided. So for fun, I am writing my work and this very blog… I, I “borrowed” my partner’s iPad. Thanks sweetie!

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So where is my writing right now?

Touch screen typing is liking Bambi on ice! Damn thing keeps me clicking on Enable microphone, which is useful when my dyslexia would stop me in my spelling, but I don’t want it every time I hint the symbol button to grab a comma or two. So I have practice some short stories, mostly for my own amusement as I work on my big WIP!

Another exciting news! I found a Critique Partner! If you don’t know what that is, in the writing community, there’s an etiquette and professional service to exchange WIP, to critique them. Be that to have the talent of grammar checking to spotting plot holes or awkward writing. So we both have messaged each other through Goodreads, after I posted an ad to seeking one, then built an agreement to exchange a few chapters at a time. Now it’s not my place to reveal anything of their work, but *squealing* I loved their blurb they pitched. Here’s to a good friendship in our writing profession!

What’s my upcoming plan for next development?

I am working through my delightful tales of my series that my WIP part takes in. I am drafting up plots in each novel and summaries my series. This may take longer than my original one-year plan to be published. I suppose by world building, writing and editing is about my own quality standards than quantity time scale. Stay tune! Now I can blog again, I will be writing more soon!

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