How is my writing coming along? Hints of Work In Progress Manuscript!

Hey, how is going? You’re good? Are asking about how is my writing coming along?

Interestingly, I have queried to some publishing houses and literary agents recently. So far, not the win as for yet!

What I am grateful for in life, is that university taught me to listen to constructive feedback and sometimes criticism. Don’t get me wrong, I am still soft and need a bar of chocolate or ice cream tub to smooth the ache of rejection. In other words, I am human! And yes, I do love to hear feedback from anyone I wrote my submissions too. It means what I can do, to be better.

So what is my WIP about? Well I am not gonna give you over the Synopsis or anything too much. But I have hinted already on social media, through Instagram challenges and some playful PhotoShop of the NOT OFFICIAL Book Cover design I got inspired by! Here is the selected gallery, I have the lovely Instagram challenge back in February 2021 under the day “Interview MC”. I won’t give too much of the game away, the photos speak for themselves! However, if you ever fancied a good at joining in, check around Instagram as some accounts do offer a variety of challenges to have fun in. Also, I designed all of these photos through Canva! That too, was a fun afternoon to explore, as it gives me great ideas to build for marketing tools later on.

Okay, so I am visual person! And I browsing book covers, to see what other authors are doing. We all do at some point! And I could not resist Agatha and her Love Interest in their own, NOT OFFICIAL book cover, I PhotoShop together. Thank you Jade Lee and her book, Wedded in Sin. I chose to take influence due to the scandalous reveal of the lady’s leg. Why? Have you guessed what I am hinting at Agatha and her status in her physical form?

This is my PhotoShop design. Notice something about Miss Oakley’s leg?

So whilst I have queried on the bigger project, I am stumped in waiting and twiddling thumbs. So I am editing a few novellas I had a practice run of writing, and not sure if these too, will end up going into queries or to Self-Publish them…

All fun research to create Pro & Con lists in publication choices. What I will reveal, is that the novellas are all in the same universe, so definitely a series. The title for the series is yet to come to mind and influence the book titles of each novella. The genre for these are contemporary setting, in USA with characters in New Adult age group. To debut, or not to debut… for that is the cheesy influence reference of Hamlet, question.

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