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How is my writing coming along? Hints of Work In Progress Manuscript!

Hey, how is going? You’re good? Are asking about how is my writing coming along?

Interestingly, I have queried to some publishing houses and literary agents recently. So far, not the win as for yet!

What I am grateful for in life, is that university taught me to listen to constructive feedback and sometimes criticism. Don’t get me wrong, I am still soft and need a bar of chocolate or ice cream tub to smooth the ache of rejection. In other words, I am human! And yes, I do love to hear feedback from anyone I wrote my submissions too. It means what I can do, to be better.

So what is my WIP about? Well I am not gonna give you over the Synopsis or anything too much. But I have hinted already on social media, through Instagram challenges and some playful PhotoShop of the NOT OFFICIAL Book Cover design I got inspired by! Here is the selected gallery, I have the lovely Instagram challenge back in February 2021 under the day “Interview MC”. I won’t give too much of the game away, the photos speak for themselves! However, if you ever fancied a good at joining in, check around Instagram as some accounts do offer a variety of challenges to have fun in. Also, I designed all of these photos through Canva! That too, was a fun afternoon to explore, as it gives me great ideas to build for marketing tools later on.

Okay, so I am visual person! And I browsing book covers, to see what other authors are doing. We all do at some point! And I could not resist Agatha and her Love Interest in their own, NOT OFFICIAL book cover, I PhotoShop together. Thank you Jade Lee and her book, Wedded in Sin. I chose to take influence due to the scandalous reveal of the lady’s leg. Why? Have you guessed what I am hinting at Agatha and her status in her physical form?

This is my PhotoShop design. Notice something about Miss Oakley’s leg?

So whilst I have queried on the bigger project, I am stumped in waiting and twiddling thumbs. So I am editing a few novellas I had a practice run of writing, and not sure if these too, will end up going into queries or to Self-Publish them…

All fun research to create Pro & Con lists in publication choices. What I will reveal, is that the novellas are all in the same universe, so definitely a series. The title for the series is yet to come to mind and influence the book titles of each novella. The genre for these are contemporary setting, in USA with characters in New Adult age group. To debut, or not to debut… for that is the cheesy influence reference of Hamlet, question.

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Razzle, Dazzle, Zazzle Merch!

Alright, so my Online Presence is not just socialising. I felt the need to build a brand up, so I went to Zazzle to make some Print-On-Demand products. And I loved them so much, that I made a Shop!

So what is Zazzle? Well it’s an online shop, that offers designers to print their designs onto a huge range of products. From Home Decor, Clothing range, Art Posters, Stationery, Electronics and more! As long as you got a good high resolution image, that fits to scale the product, you can do anything!

Now I went for the POD option, why? Cause I live in a Old Victorian Terrace House, that’s gorgeous but not much storage options. I would not fit a warehouse amount of products. Plus, testing products by purchasing them (maybe for prizes to competitions… maybe) I got the quality reassurance that these are beautiful made and printed my design well!


Okay so I went over board on the amount of products I went for my first design. But my main purpose for this shop is to use for Book Cover Posters, bookmarks and cool merchandise quotes of my amazing characters!

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Swoon, romance and kiss! The Phrase reference books – what are they and why I use them

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Ever had that thought where you think there’s too many reference books on how to write? Or courses even? Which ones are best, or relevant to me? First things, first. This is not to advertise these books or why you should have them. If they are not relevant to your style of writings or theme of books, then relax. I am not the best sales person. Now I am not one for spoilers in what happens in a book. And the same goes for here too. If you wanna know, buy the book. Hey, look! Maybe a career in sales is a potential for me after all! 

I like the concept that I can share my knowledge, no matter how little the topic is, I can see why I work my day job in a classroom. 

Say It Like Miss Austen Book

Okay, let’s get technical. When falling in love when watching Mr Darcy, or in 2020 case, Simon Basset Duke of Hastings and the Bridgeton men to swoon for… you want to speak the jargon of their time and dialogue. Now as a Jane Austen fan and my family accidentally one Christmas doubling up on buying all her books! (At least if one copy is burnt out from over-reading, I got a spare!) Plus my dyslexia can barely translate or comprehend the modern English Language. My poor husband suffered, whilst dating me, very bad flirting lines! So I would normally hit subtitles when binge-watching my Austen/Regency treats! But when I started writing for sometime, I noticed my dialogue was as bad as my flirting experience! Presenting my life saviour, Say It Like Miss Austen: A Jane Austen Phrase Thesaurus by Stefan Scheuermann. Not my first time using a thesaurus, as my parents have gifted me lots over my school years and writing when I was a teen. This book helped me to go deeper into analysis, my own dialogue writing and reawaken my love for book reading and watch great plots of Regency periods.

Ever enjoyed the romance in stories, but blush when writing your own? Okay, some of you wouldn’t blush and have full confidence on the details of the “bedroom scene”. Luckily, it not just the behind closed doors moments when you could get stuck. Unless you are wanting to write to win the Bad Sex in Fiction Award, you may want to read The Romance Writer’s Phrase Book by Jean Kent & Candace Shelton. Not only is it resourceful on more than those “kissing moments” it builds your confidence as a romance writer. Nothing beats a good moment where the reader swoons, melts or whatever their hearts soar for between your Main Character and their Love Interest.

The Romance Writer’s Phrase Book

I hoped you have enjoyed another reading in-between your own novel writing. That’s all reference books I wanted to share! Check out, Novel Writing reference books and Jane Austen themed ones if you have not already seen them.

I’ll add a comment section, share your thoughts on anything that you enjoy or dislike about these online platforms and presence to help each other out.

Check the series of reference books! From Novel Writing to Jane Austen Themed Ones!