Breakdown Step-By-Step: WordPress Journey Part Two

Alright, so remember I once heard that you need an online presence before the actual book is published? So the audience can start looking for you, and your Pre-Order book to hit that Bestseller? Ha, I am clearly not there myself yet, but I am too generous enough to show to hit that fabulous WordPress web design and laugh at those downfalls I experienced. No worries, on the laughter. I laugh at it now myself!

Now don’t panic if you already got your book out into the world. This again can help build your brand as the writer.

Also as a lovely disclaimer, I am not going to overdo the how-to questions and answers. WordPress has written several articles to do the step-by-step on the technical side. This is more the presentation side of oneself online. 

So, you have probably had a peek around my own website, as well as authors in the same genre. What are they like? Similar images, a similar style of the menu bar? This won’t be the part about being individual right now. Your books and how you present yourself with your words will get you to stand out. Here’s the thing, most readers that follow other authors in your genre, not only like their books but how they presented themselves online.

Let do a breakdown of the menu bar first. It can be really challenging for someone to view your website if they cannot search or find a clear map. That is what the menu bar going to be. A map. 

I set myself with the main page, known as a Home Page, to welcome followers with open arms. 

Then there’s the bookshelf. This is where all your stories will sit nicely on a…well, a virtual shelf! This main button will be a custom link, that using the hashtag button, can help make the drop submenu of all your books. That way you don’t need to cram all of the books on the main menu. These webpages per book can all link up under the submenu. 

Now you notice I have one webpage as the main platform area for my Short-Short Stories. One, I don’t think my age genre of free reading should be publicly displayed without a disclaimer page to warn anyone if they find the story is too inappropriate for them. You can easily choose to hit the link button to Butterscotch and the few others that will emerge, of your own free will to read. If you have a disliking to it…well, I did warn you. 

Once I have got more published books out there, I can do a how-to-create webpage for it and link it to your bookshelf. 

Then we got the Author section. It’s a brief bio page of me! Hey, there! And of course, my blog in this category. You can mix it up as you please or where things should go on your menu bar. 

After that, I worked on For Readers fun area. This is where I hope to have any readers Frequent Answered Questions, A newsletter archive in case you missed the previous ones, and reassurance of Privacy Policy. Please, follow your own countries guidelines and law on how to deal with Privacy Policy. And make sure it is up to date like your copyright tag at the bottom of your website. 

I got added a link in my menu bar, away from my website and onto my Merch designs! I may have gotten carried away at playing with those designs and products, but look how pretty!

Finally, you got to have a Contact Us page. How else are my FAQs from my followers are gonna get in touch without communication?

Alright class, we gonna have a break! Hit the Like button, Comments are open for any questions or suggestions, or help each other out! The next blog post on this journey will be posted soon, so keep an eye out!

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