Breakdown Step-By-Step: My WordPress Journey

Alright, so remember I once heard that you need an online presence before the actual book is published? So the audience can start looking for you, and your Pre-Order book to hit that Bestseller? Ha, I am clearly not there myself yet, but I am too generous enough to show to hit that fabulous WordPress web design and laugh at those downfalls I experienced. No worries, on the laughter. I laugh at it now myself!

Now don’t panic if you already got your book out into the world. This again can help build your brand as the writer.

So, do I write it in order? Or create blog post by blog post on the relevant things that connect…decisions, decisions…

So, got a pen name? Don’t panic if you are using your own legal name. It would be probably easier. Why did I pick a Gmail account? Simple, it looks classy as an email address, I can separate my writing and personal emails, AND FREE Google Drive! I got Google Docs to write my stories on, I got Google Spreadsheet for budget and timeline…well, you got the idea. Plus, most online platforms are easier to log into Google Account when signing in or registering with them. 

Next, I would say, please please please, yes it is that important! Do. Not. Buy. Your. Domain. Right. Away! You are gonna work weeks, months into this project. And whilst is it not live, you don’t want to waste money on anything when you are in drafts of projects. No matter how much anything or sales pitch pleads to you, consider the cost. Would it be useful or wasteful?

Want a decent and Free logo for your website. This is the fun part! You need something that screams you! And to be your branded colour theme, that help builds your website. Canva design has free templates, designs and all kinds of fun. Thank you to my Graphic Designer friend for nudging me to this website. 

Here’s is the scale of what you need for:

Logo: 200 x 200 pixel (or it already got a logo template)

Header Image: 1600 × 230 pixel

Photo by Dids on

Use Canva custom size and it will measure you to your required image size for each one to use ready for WordPress. The number of times my Header Image was too large or too small and the frustrations, haha, good times! It is also a great site to create Instagram posts, Pinterest Pins and anything you feel need and usefulness for your brand!

Gravatar! Hey, it’s you! What a gorgeous profile image to set up to know who is the author of this WordPress. Try and keep a continuous one, so every social media platform you create, they know it’s you! So simple!

Templates. Stick to something FREE! Again, you haven’t made the money. Think of the question, it is useful or wasteful? I picked Twenty Thirteen. I felt this had all my criteria checklist of what I need on my writer website. I wanted it to be simple and easy to manoeuvre around for my followers/readers. 

Hashtag Colour!

Known your colours in your logo? Well, did you know?! That when on Canva, click on the colour, and there’s this hashtag with numbers? That is the HTML colour code! It is a universal online code. Save this! That way you can copy and paste the code into your selection of colours for each layout part of your WordPress. Need to find some colour to suit it? Hit this link, for HTML colour code search and it will give you ideas and suggest colours to match. 

Alright class, we gonna have a break! Hit the Like Button and Comments are open for any questions or suggestions, or help each other out! The next blog post on this journey will be posted soon, so keep an eye out!

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