Where will my writing be one year from now?

Okay, so I tend to be on-and-off again on writing. The final push to actually get serious was when I told people. The many times where I hear positive responses on how well I verbally tell-a-tale, it got me thinking, ‘I got to write this down’. So what does this mean? Well, if anything, all those education courses I enrolled on, and even in my current day job consist of one important thing – Deadlines.

So where will my writing be in one year?

Well I shall like to think on a shelf somewhere, and not the kind where I put a pin in the idea, and switch off the writer persona inside me. This time, I want it on an actual shelf, maybe even my own bookshelf in my home. If I give myself the year to do it, I shall have enough time to conceive my partner, why, I do need to buy another bookcase! Anyone who reads this, can either be a starting bookworm, an intermediate bookworm or an expert bookworm in their collection of books and bookcases. And I am sure, till this very day, we still have to conceive the other half. And if you happen to be the loving partner of a bookworm, let them buy that damn bookcase!

In conclusion, let’s get that damn book of mine on a bookshelf!

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

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